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I am an entepreneurial student with expected first degree and I am currently launching my company with the help of Skills-Hive. I have always developed multiple projects of all kinds, ranging from mobile applications to an ice cream distribution company, and two years ago was when I developed Pink Tours, the tour agency I am currently launching, which won the Business Planing Competition of the University of Greenwich. 

I have previously studied Economics and Marketing, but It wasn't until I moved to London that I found myself in business. Also, my passion for technology has helped to develop my projects in a unique way and my versatile experience has provided a diverse skillset that I use in both people and work environment. The problem was that I didn't really have support and contacts in order to develop the project the right way. 

After joining the university, I took the project further and went for it. I am very positive about it all and my goal is to work full-time in my own company (PinkTours.co) after I graduate. I am constantly looking for innovation and efficiency for the company and Skills-Hive is helping me towards that. I am currently using the platform to find talents and if you are interested by my story or are willing to work with me, please feel free to contact me.


Previous Experience

Apr 2015 – to Date: Intern – Skills Hive, London

I am now an intern at Skills Hive responsible for their social media and  supporting various office administrative duties. This position is teaching me everything in business, which is my area, from dealing with partners to providing workshops. Managing their social media has helped me engage and find partners for Pink Tours such as Emerald Chauffeurs.

Jan 2014 – Mar 2015: Sales Advisor - HUGO BOSS, London

The most important skill acquired in this position was dealing with all kinds of customers and providing excellent customer service, while maintaining high KPIs and productivity. Excellent customer service meant always going the extra mile and I remember about Stanley Tucci giving me a bottle of wine to thank me for the service.

Nov 2012 – Jan 2014: Stockroom Supervisor - Jigsaw, London

During this time I learned skills essential for overall coordination and evaluation of the Stock Room as well as engaging in daily tasks including process improvement, inventory control, controlling and monitoring goals, and training new and existing staff on effective inventory techniques and daily tasks. This experience made me a much more confident person in the professional environment and I was praised for achieving the best stock-take with 0.5% lost.

Jan 2009 – Jul 2012: Teacher - Brasas English Course, Brazil

The most important thing I got while working at Brasas was team leading skills as I was responsible for a team of twelve teachers. These skills and experience enabled me to start training new staff and assist the director when hiring.





Link: http://www.diego.je

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